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What does it mean to be a Latina-based sorority?

Phi Lambda Rho Sorority is a Latina-based sorority, which means that our organization was established with the goal of helping further the goals of young Latinas in higher education. Phi Lambda Rho's objectives are centered around helping and promoting the rich and diverse culture that Latinos share. Celebrating that culture also means embracing diversity and as such Phi Lambda Rho does not discriminate against other cultures, ethnicities, or religions.


Do you have to be Latina to join?

Absolutely not! Phi Lambda Rho first and foremost is committed to fulfilling its four objectives: Academic Excellence, Community Service, Promotion of the Chicano/Latino Culture, and Sisterhood. We welcome any interested ladies who share a passion for what Phi Lambda Rho stands for to join.

What are the "objectives"?

The Founding Mothers established four objectives for what chapters would strive to accomplish: Academic Excellence, Community Service, Promotion of the Chicana/Latina Culture, and above all, Sisterhood. These so-called objectives form the backbone of what Phi Lambda Rho stands for and the programming that chapters do.

What are the requirements for joining?

Interested ladies in joining Phi Lambda Rho must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA at their established university and must show a sincere interest in our objectives. Each chapter holds a "rush" period, normally during the fall and/or spring term, during which interested ladies can learn more about the organization and then decide whether to join or not.

My university doesn't have a chapter, what can I do?

If you find that your campus would benefit from Phi Lambda Rho, consider establishing a chapter. Establishing a new chapter can be one of the most rewarding experiences during a college career.

We encourage interested ladies to first look into what requirements your university has on Greek Life and to please contact our Director of Expansion at:

What is "Rush?"

Rush is the period of time that each chapter sets apart, usually anywhere from 1-3 weeks where the chapter organizes events dedicated to promoting and recruiting new members. Interested students are invited to attend as many as possible to learn more about the sorority.

How do I join?

We're happy that you're interested in joining! We encourage you first of all to get to know the sorority and the sisters in the chapter by attending their Rush events. You can find a list of upcoming events and informational on our Rush page and our blog. You can also contact our local Rush Coordinator at

Does Phi Lambda Rho 'haze'?

No. Phi Lambda Rho Sorority does not tolerate any hazing of any kind. Hazing activities are defined as any act or attempt to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, ridicule, shame or endanger physically or mentally any person, or to compel physical activity or do physical or emotional harm to any person, or to require consumption or ingestion of liquids, food, or other materials.

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