In March 2009, Laura Ulloa had the idea to establish a Chicana/Latina sorority on the UCI campus after learning about these organizations; she came to the realization that those organizations did not embody the ideals she was looking for. Laura then proposed the idea to Erika Santa Cruz and Jacqueline Fuentes. After reflecting on the lack of a strong representation of Latinos on the campus, especially for Latina students, these ladies were motivated to change that reality.

After researching many sororities, the ladies came across Phi Lambda Rho. Amazed how the sisters of Phi Lambda Rho carried themselves in a professional manner and embodied the true characteristics of Latina Leadership. These were the qualities that UCI needed and what these ladies were destined to establish.

Determined to get the process going, these ladies shared their goal with other students and were able to convince eleven ladies to join them in their journey. In September 2009 these ladies became known as FLOR (Feminine Leaders in Outreach for la Raza). As FLOR, these ladies discussed and developed ideas as to what they wanted FLOR to represent on the campus. Together, they came to realize that they all wanted to strive for women empowerment and create a space that would allow women to grow professionally, academically, and socially. In addition, they wanted to be visible on the campus, holding events that brought cultural awareness to the campus, as well as events that were centered on female empowerment.

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