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University of California,
Los Angeles

In the spring of 2002, first-year student Irma Lule was contemplating the lack of Latina sororities on such a large campus. Irma believed that Latinas, but more generally, women, should have a variety of choices and options available for them to develop themselves and become active members not only on campus but also in the community. It was then that she arrived at the conclusion that a Latina-based sorority should function as a second family to support the ambitious young women seeking higher education.
Thus, Irma made the courageous choice to establish a Latina-based sorority on the UCLA campus. She went to her closest friends with these thoughts and after a long conversation, the girls accepted the challenge, although with some doubt. Irma looked into different sororities and after thorough research and talking to individuals, she was assured that Phi Lambda Rho Sorority was the best choice.
In the fall of 2002, recruiting for the Official Interest Group of Phi Lambda Rho was formally initiated. The rewards, needless to say, were great. After diligence and perseverance, the ladies grew together through their process, and on May 10, 2003, their hard work was rewarded.

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