General information

Founding Date


November 13, 1993

Founding School


California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, California

Sorority Colors


Brown, Ivory and Forest Green


Sorority Crest


Divided into three sectors containing an indigenous pyramid, diploma and three hands

Sorority Emblem


Mujer Morena

Sorority Rose


Ivory Rose

Mujer Morena2.png

Sorority Nicknames

Rhosas or Rhos

Sorority Motto


"Only the Phinest... Since '93"

Sorority Objectives


Academic Excellence, Community Service, Promotion of the Chicana/Latina culture and Sisterhood

National Sorority Philanthropy

Manos Ayudando Manitas

Reason for Establishment


Established as a support group for women pursuing higher education

Sorority Step and Stroll


Members have a hand sign and a traditional stroll.

FLR does not step.