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California State University, 

Our first roots of Phi Lambda Rho began on November 13, 1993, CSU Stanislaus. Located in Turlock, California, Founding Chapter continues to provide a network of sisters willing to give back to their campus and their community. After researching which organization would best suit our Founding Mothers, they ultimately decided to create their own Jardin, becoming the first Chicanx/Latinx sorority at CSU Stanislaus.  

Founding Chapter is a staple of the Stanislaus community, having their historic booth on campus since our creation. The consistently hold fundraisers and participate and hold many cultural events, including the Dia De Los Muertos and even holding their own scholarship to give back to the students looking for access to higher education!
Phi Lambda Rho is open to any lady that serious about advancing professionally, emotionally, socially, and culturally/Latinx culture. For each objective, we participate in events and activities that help not only ourselves but for others as well.

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